Yukon Employment Statistics - March 2020

    Preliminary seasonally adjusted estimates show that in March 2020, Yukon had 21,535 jobs, a decrease of 740 jobs, or 3.3%, compared to March 2019 and also a decrease of 1,034 jobs, or 4.6%, compared to February 2020.

    The preliminary average weekly earnings figure for Yukon ($1,218.79) was the third-highest in Canada, after the Northwest Territories ($1,507.13) and Nunavut ($1,471.09). Yukon's earnings figure was up 4.2% compared to the figure for March 2019, Canada's figure was up 3.7%.

    The Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours (SEPH) is produced by a combination of a census of payroll deductions, provided by the Canada Revenue Agency, and the Business Payrolls Survey which provide a monthly portrait of the number of jobs by detailed industry. It complements information from the Labour Force Survey (LFS), which is a household survey. 

    The Labour Force Survey includes people who are self-employed, as well as workers who take unpaid leave. The two surveys count multiple job holders differently. In the Labour Force Survey, people with more than one job are counted only once as "employed"; Survey of employment, Payrolls and Hours EPH counts filled positions on payroll, so each job is counted separately.

    Earnings data are based on gross taxable payroll before source deductions.

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