On-Air Staff Index

    On-Air Staff:

    Doug Tremblay, host of "Wake Up Yukon"

    Charles Eshleman, host of "Indigenous Connections"

    Ben (Chuck) Charlie, host of "Vuntut Vin Drill" 

    Lyndsay Amato, host of "Recycled Radio" and "Saturday Night Request Show"

    Clint Carpentier, host of "Listen to My Music"

    Wayne Bobalicious, host of "The Drive Home" show

    Scott Ross, freelance journalist and contributor "Mountain Musing"

    Management Team:

    Michelle Kolla, General Manager

    Bert Cervo, Operations Manager

    Matthew Lien, Production Consultant

    Marion Telep, Finance Department

    Jean Cameron, Sales Department

    Board of Directors:

    Judy Gingell, NNBY (Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon) Chair Of The Board

    Duane Gastant' Aucoin, Teslin Tlingit Council, Yanyeidi Executive Councillor

    Albert Drapeau, Executive Director, Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce




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