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    Our Peoples Voices

    This week on Our Peoples Voices we hear from Mrs. Mary Tiyza of Old Crow in her Vuntut Gwichin language.

    She tells us of being born in Fort MacPherson and moving to Old Crow after she got married. The then speaks about the importance of the porcupine caribou hred and how the caribou have been the mainstay for generations across the Western Arctic and Mackenzie River delta. She tells of all the different parts and delicacies that come from the caribou when harvested.

    In the second part of this episode we hear from elder Bessie Allen of Haines-Junction in Southern Tutchone. Mrs. Bessie Allen tells us from her father and grandfather traveling the land for generations and how her family lived back then on the land.

    And we will hear from Ben Charlie on Fiddle and Norman Jack singing at a CHON-FM Christmas Pledge show in 2000.

    Here is is the link where you will find the video broadcast with English subtitles.

    Our peoples Voices is an audio adaptation of HaáShagoon, a television program produced years ago by NNBY - Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon. This segment will be rebroadcast on the CHON-FM airwaves Wednesday's at 9:00am.

    Log on next Saturday morning for the next broadcast of material from our HaáShagoon archives.

    In addition, students and speakers fluent in their respective aboriginal languages gathered at the Yukon Native Language Centre in Whitehorse at the Ayamdigut Campus for a Structure and Grammar Course on Athabaskan, Tlingit, Kaska, Vuntut and Han-Gwitchin and Tutchone languages in early March, 2018.
    During this time YNLC and NNBY / CHON-FM recorded 6 Yukon First Nation language presentations. Video and audio recordings were made of the aboriginal language speakers that were on site to contribute to the ongoing efforts of documentation and revitalization of Yukon Native languages through media promotion, resource development and access.

    Please click here to learn more about this project.


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