Our Peoples Voices

    Weekly updated multi-media access page that will let our audience access a high-resolution video clip with English subtitles of our Saturday and Wednesday 10:00am radio broadcasts, featuring our First Nations elders and storytellers.

    Coming up on this Saturdays edition of Our Peoples Voices we will hear a story told by Sharon Hager to her daughter Helen Buyck from Mayo, Mrs. Hager is telling us a story about the life around Mayo and her ancestors.
    The conversation was recorded at the Westmark Hotel in Whitehorse.

    This will be rebroadcast on Saturday, April 7 and Wednesday. April 11 following the 10 o’clock news...

    Our peoples Voices is an audio adaptation from HaáShagoon a television program produced years ago by
    NNBY - Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon.


    Here is the link to this weeks new story!


    In addition, Students and fluent speakers gathered at the Yukon Native Language Centre for a Structure and Grammar Course on Athabaskan and Tlingit languages in early March, 2018.
    During this time YNLC and NNBY / CHON-FM recorded 6 Yukon First Nation languages represented in one place at one time. Video and audio recordings were made of the fluent speakers that were on site to contribute to the ongoing efforts of documentation and revitalization of Yukon Native languages through media promotion, resource development and access. - Please click here to learn more about this project.



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