Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub Launches in Whitehorse

    Lauren Manekin-Beille, Harry Borlase, Alessia Guthrie, Dr. Karen Barnes, and Hon. Jeanie Dendys at the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub in Whitehorse

    The Innovation and Entrepreneurship group at the Yukon College officially launched the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) at the Yukon College Northlight Innovation building in downtown Whitehorse. The hub is one of nine across Canada but is the only one in the territories and is aimed at aiding female business owners, or women interested in starting a business anywhere in the territory.

    The WEKH has several goals including reporting on the progress of women entrepreneurs, research, assessing best practices on how to advance women entrepreneurs and supporting the implementation of more inclusive policies, programs and policies.  Although the hub is based in Whitehorse, thanks to the numerous satellite campuses of Yukon College across the Yukon, Manager Lauren Manekin-Beille is excited about the opportunities in the communities as well, indicating that the WEKH members will be making trips to various locations to support female entrepreneurs.


    Canada has one of the highest rates of female business owners according to Manekin-Beille, but she feels that there still exist several barriers to women interested in getting started in the field.  The goal of the hub is to give women tools to challenge these barriers, to create a space to network and share their knowledge and generally to support female entrepreneurship across the territory.  If you are a woman and are at any stage of entrepreneurship, whether that is an established business owner or someone who has nothing more than an idea, WEKH wants to hear from you according to Manekin-Beille.  You can get in touch with the hub on their website at WEKH.ca. 

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