Teslin Tlingit Citizens Elect A New Naa Sháade Háni

    New Teslin Tlingit Council leaders Naa Sháade Háni (Chief), Eric Morris and Deputy Naa Sháade Háni Alex Oakley were elected this week. Out of 608 eligible voters, 294 Teslin Tlingit Citizens voted in this election representing 48.36% of eligible voters.

    The Teslin Tlingit Citizens elected their new leaders Naa Sháade Háni (Chief), Eric Morris and Deputy Naa Sháade Háni Alex Oakley.

    Four candidates ran for the Naa Sháade Háni position: Robert Magill, Eric Morris, John Peters Jr. and Tod Smarch. Two candidates ran for Deputy Naa Sháade Háni:  Alex Oakley and Carl Smarch. The incumbent Naa Sháade Háni Richard Sidney didn’t run in the election.

    Out of 608 eligible voters, 294 Teslin Tlingit Citizens voted in this election representing 48.36% of eligible voters. Citizens were given many opportunities to vote and a variety of ways to cast their votes: two advance polls, proxy voting and special ballots as well as the actual day of election.

    The governmental structure of the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) incorporates traditional Teslin Tlingit Clan culture into contemporary organizational and management principles. Representation by the five Teslin Tlingit Clans is central to the TTC government structure. A member of each Clan sits on the Executive Council, and five representatives appointed by each Clan form the General Council.

    The results of the election are as follows:



    Naa Sháade Háni Chief       Votes              Naa Sháade Háni Deputy Chief    Votes

    Magill, Robert                          52                  Oakley, Alex                                       192

    Morris, Eric                            122                 Smarch, Carl                                         91

    Peters, John Jr.                         62

    Smarch, Tod                             55



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