Siberian Town Records New Temperature High amid Forest Fires

    Image Source: Google Images

    While Mayo holds the Yukon's all time high-temperature record, 3,816 km away the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk holds a Guinness World Record.

    A Siberian town with the world's widest temperature range has recorded a new high amid a heat wave that is contributing to severe forest fires. The temperature in Verkhoyansk hit 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) on Saturday, according to Pogoda i Klimat, a website compiling Russian meteorological data.

    The town is located above the Arctic Circle in the Sakha Republic, about 4,660 kilometres northeast of Moscow.

    The town is recognized by the Guinness World Records for the most extreme temperature range, with a low of minus-68 degrees celsius and a previous high of plus 37.2 celsius.

    Much of Siberia this year has had unseasonably high temperatures, leading to sizable wildfires.

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