Putting People First Report

    "Putting People First: the final report of the comprehensive review of Yukon's health and social programs & services."

    Members of the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition (YAPC) congratulate the review committee on the breadth and vision of the report and recommendations contained in "Putting People First: the final report of the comprehensive review of Yukon's health and social programs & services."


    Members of the Coalition recognize that the report included an honest assessment about the need for improvements across the entire health and social services sector. It points to a range of problems in the system from being hard to navigate, lacking in cultural safety and integration, insufficient support for low income Yukoners and failing to put people first.

    Charlotte Hrenchuk, co-chair of the Coalition said in a statement, we commend the panel for the comprehensive report and commendations that can truly transform our health system and create a better client-centred experience for all Yukoners. There was definite excitement at the Coalition's regular monthly meeting about the tone of the report and the progressive nature of the recommendations.

    The report provides 76 recommendations including taking a population health approach, creating a universal pharmacare system, reconfiguring the delivery of health services, and working for and with Indigenous communities and community partners. Chapter 5 - Closing the Gaps for Lower Income Yukoners highlights 17 recommendations including the introduction of a Basic Minimum Income program.

    "We urge the government to begin the work outlined in the report and re-vision the department,", says Kristina Craig, Executive Director. "The Coalition has already struck a working group to review how we can help bring these large-scale innovations to fruition. We are encouraging Coalition members to write to Minister Frost, Premier Silver and their MLA to support a rethinking of how we put people first in the health and social services system."

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