Elder's Gathering Wraps Up

    The second National Gathering of Indigenous Elders has wrapped in Winnipeg Manitoba. The gathering was touted as a place for laughter and the sharing of culture, traditions, history, and an opportunity for the creation of long-lasting connections.


    Indigenous Elders of Canada gathered to discuss key issues that Indigenous people of Canada face today, as well as celebrate Indigenous culture and language. The Gathering marked the second time in Canada's history that elders from every region and Indigenous group came together in the spirit of friendship and reconciliation.


    The event included opening and closing ceremonies, health and wellness sessions, a tradeshow, and discussion forums on climate change, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, revitalization of Indigenous languages and culture, and reconciliation. There was an intercultural showcase, Indigenous entertainers, a talent show and a social dance.


    The significance of the Gathering becomes clear with the recognition that not long ago it was illegal for Indigenous people to speak their own language and celebrate their own culture.


    Yukon was well represented in Winnipeg. Yukon elder William Carlick was joined by Yukoners, Kim Carlick, Jessie Dawson, Howard MacIntosh, Judith Kuster, Veronica Boss, Gerry Bill, Margaret McKay, Kathy Macintosh, and Judy Gingell.


    As the closing ceremonies were coming to an end, it was announced that the 2021 National Gathering of Indigenous Elders will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan: 

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