Two Yukon Party MLAs to be enrolled in education and training for workplace bullying and harassment prevention

    Yukon Party leader Currie Dixon speaking to media. (File photo)

    This comes after they sent offensive text messages.

    The Yukon Party says they are taking additional measures to redress the breach of the Yukon Legislative Assembly Respectful Conduct Policy that happened when two of their MLAs, Wade Istchenko and Stacey Hasard, sent offensive and rude text messages earlier this week.


    A statement from the party says, “The two affected MLAs will be enrolled in education and training for workplace bullying and harassment prevention. Both MLAs are sincere in their commitment to learn from this incident, move forward, and ensure that it does not happen again. They are committed to accessing the necessary resources to do so. In addition, Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon has announced that he will be directing the Yukon Party to establish a Respectful Workplace Policy that will apply to MLAs, staff, and volunteers of the Party. This policy will be developed in consultation with appropriate stakeholder groups and other workplace harassment prevention organizations.”


    The statement went on to say, “the Yukon Party Caucus will work with all Members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly to ensure that the Yukon Legislative Assembly Respectful Conduct Policy is supported by the necessary training and resources to support all members.”


    Yesterday, Yukon First Nations said they want to see the suspension of Hassard and Istchenko for all or part of session 35 of the Legislative Assembly without pay and allocated to Yukon-based organizations that work to combat systemic oppression. As well, they want to see all members of the Yukon Party commit to anti-bullying training, and Dixon support the standard of acceptable behaviour that is expected of Yukon government employees outlined in the Respectful Workplace Policy and supported training is made to apply elected officials.


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