CHON-FM's Kaska-language coverage of hockey tournament gets national attention

Paul Ceasar-Jules, Hammond Dick, Testloa Smith, Emeral Poppe

You can hear CBC's national host interview Testloa Smith

Kaska-language hockey terms may become a regular part of Canada's hockey vernacular, thanks to national coverage of a project led by Kaska Learners. The project was to have two Elders provide a running commentary during selected hockey games during the Yukon Native Hockey Tournament. Tesloa Smith and Hammond Dick did the work of creating a hockey dictionary in Kaska in preparation. They were supported by Kaska Learners' Emeral Poppe and Paul Ceasar-Jules.

CBC's As It Happens picked up the story and ran the interview March 26. You can hear the national public broadcaster interview Tesloa Smith about the experience.

(Speed ahead to minute 16:55)


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