As of May 25, fully vaccinated people won't have to self isolate when traveling to the Yukon, bars will be able to operate at full capacity

    Silver announcing easing of restrictions (Facebook - Government of Yukon)

    Dr. Hanley and the premier announced the news this morning.

    Premier Sandy Silver joined Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley at this morning’s COVID-19 update to announce an easing of some restrictions. As of May 25, if you are fully vaccinated, you will not need to self-isolate when entering the Yukon and bars and restaurants will be able to operate at full capacity.


    Silver rejoiced, crediting vaccines for getting the territory to where it is toady.


    “The vaccines are saving lives. The more people who receive them, the safer we will be and the sooner we will be able to return to a more normal way of living, hallelujah!”  Said Silver.


    Children and youth will not be included in this exemption until they are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


    Upon entering the territory, people will have to prove they have had both vaccine doses. If a person’s vaccination status can not be confirmed, they will have to self-isolate. Fully vaccinated people will have to isolate if they develop COVID symptoms within two weeks of entering the territory.


    Recently, Dr. Hanley has been recommending that if someone is self-isolating in your household, you should isolate with them. The new self-isolation rules mean that will no longer be the case. If you are fully vaccinated you will not need to isolate as a household.  


    People in transit to or from Alaska will still need to follow public safety rules. Signage will be re-deployed on Yukon highways to remind travelers to compete their transitions within 24 hours.


    When it comes to bars and restaurants, they will be able to open more tables, but things won’t be quite back to normal.


    “This does no mean that dancing and hanging out in common areas will be reintroduced. We’re not there yet, but we do look forward to changes ahead if we manage well these first steps. Spacing requirements at bars and counters will also not change for now. After arriving at a restaurant, you will still be required to stay at your table.” Dr. Hanley explained this morning.


    Physical distancing will not be required between tables.


    Dr. Hanley says two weeks after receiving your second vaccine, your risk of getting infected is low, and if you do get infected, there is also a low chance that you will pass it on.


    Mobile vaccination clinics will no longer be deployed to communities, but people there will still be able to arrange to get their shot.


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