Students and seasonal workers returning to the Yukon will be able to temporarily leave quarantine to get vaccinated

    Dr. Hanley speaking at this morning's COVID-19 update. (Facebook - Government of Yukon)

    There's also good news for long term care residents.

    This morning's COVID-19 update brings good news for returning students and seasonal workers, as well as long term care residents


    Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley announced that students and seasonal workers returning to the Yukon will be able to leave quarantine temporarily to get vaccinated. Before receiving the vaccine, they will have to make an appointment at the COVID testing and assessment centre for rapid testing. If the get the test comes back negative, they will be sent to the immunization clinic for their shot. After being vaccinated, they will have to return to isolation for to finish their two weeks. Dr. Hanley says this is not a “get out of self isolation early card.”


    Dr. Hanley is also recommending changes to they way people self-isolate. The recommendations come as COVID-19 variants spread across Canada. He says more caution is needed


    “From now on, if you are returning from travel, I’m strongly recommending one of the two options for self-isolation. Option one: if you’re traveling alone or with other people, you can self-isolate alone or with your travel companions only. This means you must self-isolate separate from your receiving hosts. You can stay in a legal suite, a vacation home or an air bnb or a hotel, somewhere apart from the receiving hosts. If you’re planning to self-isolate upon arrival with your hosts or family in a shared household setting, then everyone in the household needs to self-isolate together.” Says Dr. Hanley


    Dr. Hanley says the self-isolation laws are still the same, but he is strongly encouraging that people follow his recommendations. He says they will be increasing follow ups to make sure people are self-isolating and to provide guidance.


    Dr. Hanley went on to say that the government has accepted recommendations to lift some restrictions within long term care. Long term care facilities will be able to work towards community outings being safely planned and increasing the number of social visitors for residents, starting the week of May third.


    Dr. Hanley also mentioned that if more young people get vaccinated, restrictions could be eased this summer.

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