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    Southern Tutchone - Phrases of the Day

    Photo courtesy of the Yukon Native Language Centre

    In case you missed it, here are all our Southern Tutchone - Tàá’an Män (Lake Laberge) Dialect First Nation Phrases of the Day. Please note, all these translation have been generously provided by Nakhela Bunbury.


    FAMILY                                               Phrase: Son (father speaking)

                                                                                Southern Tutchone: Äyea

                                                                                 Pronunciation: Ahh-yay ah

    Phrase of the day:Child

    Southern Tutchone:Dunèn                               Phrase: Aunt

    Pronunciation: Do-nen                                    Southern Tutchone: Ämäya

                                                                                Pronunciation: Ah-mayah


    Southern Tutchone: Äghàjęla

    Pronunciation: Ah-gahh jellah

                                                                                Phrase: Uncle (same clan)

                                                                               Southern Tutchone: Ändüa

                                                                               Pronunciation: Un dooh ah


                                                                               Phrase: My younger brother

                                                                              Southern Tutchone: Äshäla

     Phrase: Father                                               Pronunciation: Uh-shul-ah

    Southern Tutchone: Ätà

    Pronunciation: Ah-tah                                              


    Phrase: Who is this man?

    Southern Tutchone: Mà ch’i zhän däk’an?

    Pronunciation: Mah-ch’ee zhun deck-un


    Phrase:Where are the children?

    Southern Tutchone: Dunènà jà?

    Pronunciation: Do-nen ahh jah


    Phrase:How is the baby? 

    Southern Tutchone:Dunèn ghra däch’a?

    Pronunciation: Do-nen khrah duh ch’ahh



    Phrase: Grandmother

    Southern Tutchone: Äsua

    Pronunciation: Ah-sue-aw




    Phrase: Grandfather

    Southern Tutchone: Äśia

    Pronunciation: Ah-see-ah


    Phrase: Daughter (father speaking)

    Southern Tutchone: Äthea

    Pronunciation: Ah-thay ah


    Phrase: Are you well?

    Southern Tutchone: Ni Zhäwa

    Pronunciation: Nee zhow-ah

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