Engineering Updates

    Bi-annual "sun-transit" broadcast signal interruptions in the CHON-FM satellite broadcast systems

    We are experiencing again the bi-annual satellite "sun-transit" audio signal interruptions in the month of October.

    This means that the sun will actually travel behind our main Telesat Canada satellite we are relying on for our broadcast signal distribution.

    Since the sun is the biggest "transmitter" in our solar system, the sun's radiation overwhelms the actual proper signal you would receive in our broadcast range and this will then cause a temporary audio signal loss in our communities for several minutes just before the noon hour.

    In 2021 this effect will last from February 23 - March 3 aprox. - all depending where you live up here in the North.

    Then again, in the fall of 2021, October 9 - October 17 - again, all depending where your community is located North of 60. 

    Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.

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      Heavy snow


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      Light snow


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      Light snow


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      Light snow


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      Sunny intervals


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