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    Southern Tutchone - Phrases of the Day

    Photo courtesy of the Yukon Native Language Centre

    In case you missed it, here are all our Southern Tutchone - Tàá’an Män (Lake Laberge) Dialect First Nation Phrases of the Day. Please note, all these translation have been generously provided by Nakhela Bunbury.




    Phrase: Son (father speaking)
    Southern Tutchone: Äyea
    Pronunciation: Ahh-yay ah

    Phrase of the day:Child

    Southern Tutchone:Dunèn                               

    Pronunciation: Do-nen                                   

    Phrase: Aunt                                                                                                                                                                                                       Southern Tutchone: Amaya                                                                                                                                                                                   Pronunciation: Ah-mayah


    Southern Tutchone: Äghàjęla

    Pronunciation: Ah-gahh jellah


    Phrase: It’s foggy

    Southern Tutchone: ùr nàjènagwát                      Phrase: Uncle (same clan)

    Pronunciation: uur-na-jenna-gwat                        Southern Tutchone: Ändüa

                                                                                    Pronunciation: Un dooh ah


                                                                                   Phrase: My younger brother

                                                                                   Southern Tutchone: Äshäla

     Phrase: Father                                                      Pronunciation: Uh-shul-ah

    Southern Tutchone: Ätà

    Pronunciation: Ah-tah                                              

    ------------------------------------                                    Phrase: Yes, my mother is well.

                                                                                   Southern Tutchone: Àghay, ama äzhäw.

                                                                                   Pronunciation: Ah-ghuy, ah-mah ah-zhow

    Phrase: Who is this man?

    Southern Tutchone: Mà ch’i zhän däk’an?

    Pronunciation: Mah-ch’ee zhun deck-un


    Phrase:Where are the children?

    Southern Tutchone: Dunènà jà?

    Pronunciation: Do-nen ahh jah                   

    -----------------------------------                                  Phrase : How do you feel?

                                                                                Southern Tutchone: Niyenji Dakwäch’ea?

                                                                                Pronunciation: Duk-wha-chah

    Phrase:How is the baby? 

    Southern Tutchone:Dunèn ghra däch’a?

    Pronunciation: Do-nen khrah duh ch’ahh


    -----------------------------------                                  Phrase:I’m not feeling good

                                                                                Southern Tutchone:Äyenji äju shä`akwathän

                                                                                Pronunciation: I-n-g ah-joo show-kwu-thun

    Phrase: Grandmother

    Southern Tutchone: Äsua

    Pronunciation: Ah-sue-aw


    ------------------------------------                               Phrase: I feel good

                                                                              Southern Tutchone: Äyenji shä`wkwathän

                                                                              Pronunciation: I-n-g show-kwa-thun


    Phrase: Grandfather

    Southern Tutchone: Äśia

    Pronunciation: Ah-see-ah

    ------------------------------------                                Phrase:  I’m angry

                                                                               Southern Tutchone: Ä’ya kwadhä`t


    Phrase: Daughter (father speaking)

    Southern Tutchone: Äthea

    Pronunciation: Ah-thay ah


    Phrase: Are you well?                                        Phrase:How is it outside ?

                                                                                Southern Tuchone: Chįch'a dakwäch'a

                                                                                Pronunciation:Che, cha, duh, kwa, cha.

    Southern Tutchone: Ni Zhäwa

    Pronunciation: Nee zhow-ah

    -----------------------------------                                Phrase of the day:It is cold outside

                                                                              Southern Tutchone: Chįch'a kwäk'ü.

                                                                              Pronunciation:Che, cha, kway, ku.

    Phrase: I’m sick.

    Southern Tutchone: Jennida

    Pronunciation: Jenee-dah

    -----------------------------------                              Phrase of the day: It is raining

                                                                            Southern Tutchone: Sha nįsha

                                                                            Pronunciation: Sha neesha.


    -------------------------------------                           Phrase: It’s snowing.

                                                                           Southern Tutchone: Yäw Níkhyäw

                                                                           Pronunciation: Yow-nee-khe-yow

    Phrase: Is your mother well?                             

    Southern Tutchone: Nįma äzhawa

    Pronunciation: Nee-mah ah-zhow-ah

    --------------------------------------                             Phrase: Moose

                                                                               Southern Tutchone: Khànày

                                                                               Pronunciation: Khun-eye

    Phrase: it is windy

    Southern Tutchone:ints'i nįts'i

    Pronunciation: int,see,nit,see.




                                                                           Phrase: Cow moose

                                                                           Southern Tutchone: Däghür

                                                                           Pronunciation: Dah-gur (growling)

    Phrase: A warm wind is blowing

    Southern Tutchone:Ints’i dhäl nįts’i

    Pronunciation: In-tsee thul neets-ee

    -----------------------------                                Phrase: Bull Moose

                                                                      Southern Tutchone: Dènjì

                                                                      Pronunciation: Den-Jee


    Phrase: It’s sunny.

    Southern Tutchone: Sha kwä`nlį

    Pronunciation: Shaw-kwan-lee


    Phrase: Yerling Moose

    Southern Tutchone: Chį Wà

    Pronunciation: Chee-urrah


    Phrase: Calf moose

    Southern Tutchone: Dèsia

    Pronunciation: Desi-ah



    Phrase: Caribou

    Southern Tutchone: Mezi




    Southern Tutchone:mbay

    Pronunciation: mi (silent b)


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