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    Zero Waste Campaign

    Zero Waste Yukon's image for their Think Outside the Bag campaign

    Zero Waste Yukon wants consumers to be rewarded for considering a reusable bag over one-time use plastic.

    Zero Waste Yukon are trying to Catch people Green-Handed.

    As part of the Think Outside the Bag campaign members of Zero Waste Yukon are rewarding shoppers they find bringing in their reusable bags.

    A poll over the recent month's busy shopping season saw 86% support a Yukon-made policy for single-use bags.

    And 56% of respondents support an outright ban on bags, which have an average lifespan of 12 minutes, only to live forever in local landfills.

    NWT brought in a 25-cent/bag policy and have seen a reduction of 70% in the number of bags used.


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