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    Yukon Garden Farm

    Yukon Garden and "Farm"

    Yukon Garden Story


    One Yukon business is helping the territory reach levels of technology used in europe for years to grow fresh food under 5 kms from the stores that will sell it.

    Yukon Gardens, a 30 year old business in Yukon has advanced it's operation to include fresh produce.

    Owner, Lorne Metropolit hosted dignitaries, grocers and media to tour the new air tight facility, which grows multiple types tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

    The technology used is state of the art, from a bio mass heating system which utilises wood product from Haines Junction on an auger fed boiler system to a CO2 generator and automatic harvesting elevator for employees on top of rails that also serve as heaters.


    Bee hives are brought in to pollinate the Greenhouse

    Though it looks like a normal greenhouse, it is more like a food production facility with it's own ecosystem. They bring in bee hives every few months for natural pollination, and can close the roof for temperature fluxuations, as they take small steps towards being open for 12 months of the year.

    Lorne states multiple times that Yukoners can and should buy local and this model of farm is expected to be used around the territory to aid in food security and lessen our carbon footprint.





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