Yukon College CubeSat idea contest winner

    Annabelle Grant

    Annabelle Grant has submitted an idea that will take her towards the stars as part of the Canadian CubeSat Project.

    Yukon's mission in space has been confirmed with a draw from a toque.

    The winner of the Yukon College CubeSat idea contest, which opened mission parameter ideas to the public for a micro-satellite to be launched in 2020, is Annabelle Grant, whose name will be featured on the satellite .

    Her idea was to focus the capabilities of the cube-sat on solid waste in oceans through photographs from low orbit.

    Other ideas put forward include capturing images and magnetic frequencies of the Northern Lights, transmitting Yukon stories via radio frequencies out into space.

    Annabelle is part of the team designing the satellite as part of a partnership between Aurora College in NWT and University of Alberta.

    14 similar satellite are funded by the Canadian Space agency.

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