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    World Record holder in Whitehorse

    Suresh Joachim from his website

    World Record Breaker and World Peace activist Suresh Joachim was in Whitehorse as part of his world tour to promote "No Poverty, No Disease, No War"

    Sareesh Joachim is #1 Canadian World Record Setter,  he has broken over 60 Guinness World Records, most of them endurance based.

    Joachim holds the world records for the farthest distance moon-walked in 24 hours (49.252 km); longest escalator ride (225 km); longest continual crawl (56.62 km); continuous ironing (55 hours, five minutes) and the most time spent watching TV (69 hours and 48 minutes at the ABC studios in New York), to name just a few

    Joachim’s obsession with record-breaking began in 1991 in Colombo while he was studying to become an accountant. His uncle handed him a copy of the shiny book and he said he was inspired when he saw celebrities like Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.

    He was in Whitehorse as part of his crusade to bring a new national day he believes into Canada

    He started this journey of running 21 km in each city he visits, starting in Bethlehem over 230 days ago

    Suresh believes that the statistics for poverty lead to the diseases and famine across the world.

    You can help Suresh's campaign by visiting and donating to his website "World Peace Marathon . com"  where he hopes to raise $1,000,000,000, yet another world record attempt.



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