Whistle Bend Place public viewing

    Premier Sandy Silver spoke at the opening event.

    The opening event occurred today at Whistle Bend Place.

    Whistle Bend Place


    Well over 200 citizens stopped into the new continuing care facility in Whistle Bend subdivision on Wednesday afternoon.  Stephen Samis, deputy director of H&SS, opened the event with introductions of the Health and Social Services Department and dignitaries in the room.  The ceremonial opening was led by a prayer by Elder Diane Smith, who was also present when the construction broke ground over 2 years ago.

    The hospital grade building has many comforting features and some special amenities to give is a very 'at-home" feeling.

    At a cost of 146.6 million dollars, the 150 bed facility is one of the largest capital infrastructure projects in the territories,  Kwanlin Dun First Nations Elder Diane Smith blessed the proceedings with a prayer

    There is 360 kilometers worth of cable wire used to construct the facility, and over 2 million tonnes of cement was poured during construction.

    There 4 bariatric rooms are located in the facility, which has larger doors and beds for patients over 400 lbs.  A gantry lift is also available in each room, which is used to assist patients around their room. 

    In anticipation of clients with dementia, mechanized bracelets with position activated sensors to lock doors and elevators will be worn. 

    There are elevating tub rooms in each house which have floors and 18-24 rooms on each. 

    The outdoor yard will have various gardens with over 5500 plants planned for next spring and balcony spaces have public gardening bins.

    The village centre has a First Nations Healing Room, a central gym, a woodworking room, a crafting room and even a Salon.

    180 Yukoners are already employed at the facility, and more than 1200 people contributed to the building's construction and design, including a local resident committee which helped name the different wings in the building.

    Premier Sandy Silver commented regarding how the facility will help alleviate pressures by being able to close Macaulay Lodge, which is outdated, and relieving long-stay hospital beds in Whitehorse and the communities. Residents are going to start moving into their new homes next month.

    Mayor Dan Curtis also commented during the opening statements, saying the Whistle Bend Facility only adds to the amazing community as Whistle Bend as a whole.

    One astounding feature one notices when entering the main entrance is the colour of light emerging from the window above.  From the outdoors, the window looks green, but light shining through appears pink, in an attempt to mimic the northern lights.  The effect looks very nice on the hearth, above which hosts a permanent painting of Ted Harrison's.

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