The Canadian Government Calls Teslin Tling'it's Lawsuit Premature

    TTC is suing Ottawa over alleged failure to renegotiate financial transfer agreements

    The Canadian Government is responding to a lawsuit filed against it by the Teslin Tling'it Council over failed financial transfer agreement negotiations. Ottawa is calling the lawsuit unnecessary.

    Last December, the First Nation sued the government, claiming the feds were not living up to its obligations as defined in TTC's self-government agreement.

    Yet in late February, Ottawa responded asserting Canada has not failed to meet its obligations in, denying it has failed to negotiate. The Crown claims it was the First Nation who walked away from the process in September 2016, and that other self-governing nations produced a draft policy, in which TTC is seeking some of those provisions.

    Canada says the lawsuit is premature saying that meetings with the First Nation are ongoing and scheduled to address some concerns.

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