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    Telegraph Creek Event Marks One Year Since Start of Alkali Lake Fire

    The community of Telegraph Creek (Photo courtesy of Regional District of Kitimat- Stikine)

    Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys and others were in Telegraph Creek recently as part of an event to mark the one-year anniversary of the Alkali Lake Fire that ripped through the community last August.

    Yukon's Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendy's was recently at an event in Telegraph Creek in northwestern British Columbia to mark the one-year anniversary of the 2018 Alkali Lake Fire that ripped through the community last August.

    The originally 121,000-hectare fire destroyed dozens of dozens of structures throughout the community last summer and multiple holdover fires have been associated with the fire heading into this fire season.

    Dendys, who is from the Tahltan Nation herself, said it was incredible being back home after the fire and being with the community.

    "What they had over the weekend was an acknowledgement, celebration and ceremony for the  one-year anniversary of the devastating fire that displaced the entire community. Everyone is back home now and the community is rebuilding. It was incredible to be there."

    Dendys said there were many prominent figures at the event to mark the occasion.

    "I was able to speak on my behalf as a Tahltan member (at the event), but I was also able to speak on behalf of the Yukon government saying it was our pleasure to help support the victims. We also had Jacqueline Shorty who was there. She led the Tahltan Strong Benefit Concert that happened here in Yukon. They (the community) honoured her and all of the people who helped our nation. It's definitely a success story, but there's a lot of work ahead.They're on the right path."

    Dendys says rebuilding is already well underway in the community after the devastating fire.

    "What they've done is that they've rebuilt a number of homes already.  They have ten homes that are going to be built this year and they lost around 29 actual homes. 161 structures  around the outskirts of the community were also lost. There's been a tremendous amount of work getting people  back in their homes. People in the community were home by Christmas but the work is ongoing."

    The Tahltan Strong Benefit Concert held last year in Whitehorse helped to raise almost $90,000 for those impacted by the fire.

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