Takeaways From Last Night's Council Meeting

    Photo courtesy of City of Whitehorse

    Location of daycare spaces was a key theme during the meeting last night.

    Zoning amendments for daycare spaces in the downtown core was a central theme during a Whitehorse council meeting yesterday.

    A zoning amendment in the Days Inn hotel would allow for a child care space in the existing facility, and the motion was carried for a second reading.

    While councilors questioned while more daycare spaces were being put up in the downtown core as opposed to more residential areas, Mayor Dan Curtis says the decision for such spaces sometimes make sense in certain areas, particularly if approved by city regulators and building inspectors.

    "At that particular location I think the parking is fantastic...I used to work right across the street for a decade.. how wonderful it would've been for me to pick up my kids on the way home care instead of driving to Riverdale and back out"

    An development incentive for housing construction by Da Daghay Housing Corporation was also carried by council yesterday evening.

    Councillor Laura Cabott also provided discussions around a $25,000 environmental grant which would help fund fire abatement initiatives in the city.

    A bylaw for Yukon Gravy Train to operation a concession stand in Takhini was also adopted during council and an authorization for a lot expansion at 1 Roderick Place was also carried and will be given a second reading.

    The next council meeting is scheduled for December 3rd.

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