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    Some City Councillors Question Why Many Posted and Actual Speed Limits Differ in Whitehorse

    Photo courtesy of City of Whitehorse

    Some city councillors are asking why many speed limit signs under 50km/h in Whitehorse differ from the actual speed limit allowed under the city bylaws.

    City of Whitehorse Manager of Engineering Service Taylor Eshpeter says speed limits are planning to be changed in two Whitehorse neighborhoods, provided a traffic bylaw is passed and adopted by council.

     After reviewal from the city's traffic committee, Espheter says a bylaw amendment would mean the entire Takhini North neighborhood would have a speed limit of 30 km/ hour while new signage around Tamarack Drive would increase the displayed speed limit there from 30 to 40km/hour.

     Councilor Laura Cabott questions how increasing speed limits on signs will increase safety.

    "I guess I'm questioning 40km/h and not 30km/h (in the Takhini neighborhood) when the data you gave shows considerable reduction in fatalities when it's 30km/h...It's almost like we're encouraging the average driver to speed up."

     Espheter says changes to the posted speed limits along Tamarack Drive should be completed to reflect the actual local speed limit bylaw, which is 50km/h.

    "We just feel with the geometry of the road and the way it feels it's designed for 50km/h.  We feel like it's would be a compliance issue if we just posted 30km/h. They call it an artificial speed reduction if your road is designed for a certain speed and you just put up a sign to try and lower the speed limit."

     Councilor Dan Boyd says the differences between the posted speed limit and the actual speed limit is frustrating.

    "I don't appreciate that we have so many various speed zones in our communities. (Whether its) 40, 50, 60. Do we post all of our 30km/h and 40km/h speed limits?".

     Espheter responded by saying the city hadn't put up all of the speed limit signs in the city below 50km/hour yet.

     Councilor Samson Hartland says all roads with speed limits below 50 km/h should have signage on them.    

    The traffic bylaw will be brought forward under the bylaw process next week.



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