Rock The Talk - Part 1 - 3

    Peter Johnston and Chuck Hendrie - Co Hosts on Rock The Talk on CHON-FM

    Rock the Talk, a monthly installment on CHON fm is now hosted by Chuck Hendrie alongside CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston. Features local guests to speak on current indigenous news stories



    Part 1 features Dan Jones, a long time Reporter with NNBY and former host of Rock the Talk.

    Apologies for the audio during the conversation with Dan Jones, there were some technical difficulties.

    Part 2 features Pauline Frost, Liberal MLA for the riding of Old Crow.

    They discuss Child Care, group homes, porcupine heard and parks.

    Part 3 features Michelle Beattie-Dawson who is now working in Edmonton, but was the former president of the Yukon Indian Hockey Association

    They discuss Whitehorse successfully ou  biding all the others to win the hosting rights for the

    Rock the Talk will be live in Nacho Nyak Dun during the AGM on June 26 - 28 with Chuck Hendrie and Grand Chief Peter Johnston.





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