Operation Nanook Tatigiit 2019

    Leilah Cross provides Personal Services as part of the Rapid Response Team

    Operation Nanook Tatigiit 2019 is taking place around Whitehorse over the next two weeks. Participants are conducting urban fire rescue and general search and rescue tasks as part of the operation. John Coyne, Incident Manager with Health and Social Services says the number one priority when preparing for an emergency is to have a plan to be self sufficient for 72 hours.

    Operation Nanook Tatigiit 2019 is in full swing at different locations around the city. The simulated emergency exercise is setting up to respond to a wildfire in southern Yukon.

    The mock emergency provides the opportunity for emergency response personnel to test their plans for receiving evacuees, deploying wildland fire crews, mobilizing emergency medical teams, and coordinating all the different services and supports that would normally be required for a comparable real-life emergency.

    The Department of Health and Social Services established a mock reception centre at the Canada Games Centre to provide emergency health and social services support to people affected by the emergency. In this case it would mostly be the people evacuated from their homes.

    The rink sized area in the Canada Games Centre was outfitted with cots for people to sleep in, medical gurneys for injured or ill evacuees, children’s facilities, emergency medical and food supplies, and a personal support station for those with special needs or who may be simply overwhelmed by the situation.

    John Coyne, the Incident Manager for Health and Social Services said that the most important thing people can do for themselves is to have a plan in case the unthinkable actually happens.

    With access to the Internet the two websites that provide excellent information to help people making a plan. GetPrepared.ca and Yukon.ca. has emergency information. Having a plan and practicing the plan and having the equipment, tools and supplies you need to be self sufficient for 72 hours is the number one priority. John Coyne, Incident Manager – Health and Social Services

    Operation Nanook Tatigiit 2019 will continue conducting urban fire rescue and general search and rescue tasks over the next two weeks and CHON FM will provide coverage as it happens.


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