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    Reconciliation and Energy Topics of Note at Northern Premiers Forum Last Week

    Dawson City is where the Northern Premiers Forum was held last week.

    Addressing the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Report and and sustainable energy development were some of the topics at the Northern Premiers Forum last week.

    The three territorial premiers met up in Dawson City last Thursday and Friday as part of the Northern Premiers Forum to discuss shared northern priorities and objectives.

    Renewable energy to support economic development, First Nation reconciliation efforts and mental health programming for northerners were all topics of note, with addressing the Final Report of the National Inquiry Into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and lowering energy costs as some specifics discussed.

    Yukon Premier Sandy Silver says there still needs to be a better understanding between Ottawa and the territories regarding how things are done in the north.

    "There's a recognition that if we're all on the same page and talking about the important impacts of changing RCMP funding in the north...or changing the conversation of transportation infrastructure and how we access these pockets of money, it's so important that we sit down as leaders of the north and have this conversation." 

    Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq says consultation on northern priorities in the territories is also imperative for Ottawa to understand.

    "The federal government should talk with us before they make any decisions in the Arctic or in the north. We're the ones that are here and we're the ones that know what the solutions to our problems are. Like Premier Sandy Silver said,  as they come up with these programs, we have to make sure they talk to us and consult with us so we can come up with a solution that's workable."

    Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod says Indigenous funding remains one priority between all northern governments.

    'We need to work together to make sure that funding and services for Indigenous people are funded on an adequate basis. We certainly want to work together to increase incremental funding for these programs and services."

    The Western Premiers' Conference and the Council of the Federation meeting are other prominent discussions set to take place with northern representatives this summer.

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