Northern Broadcast Legend, Les Carpenter "Mr. Saturday Night" passed away

    Les Carpenter

    Les Carpenter passed away at home in Yellowknife on Tuesday at the age of 61 after a brief illness, according to a statement from his family.

    "In my time in a radio career, in various western Canadian markets, I have met and worked, project to project, with some truly inspiring spirits in the medium. 

    Les Carpenter was one such spirit.


    I was with CHON-FM (Northern Native Broadcasting-Yukon) when I first crossed trails with Les and immediately recognized a real 'radio guy', as Les would recall when laughing over our first encounter.


    In the ensuing years, Les put together a successful formula, of which much still remains as favourite radio today.


    In my travels with Les Carpenter as Program Director, he was mostly amiable, always accessible but not always agreeable.  However, as a PD would listen and dissect good radio program ideas. 

    My resume will always include my time away from 'hard-news' on-air, to hosting 'Four Directions' First Nations music on a afternoon drive or doing 'Sunday Morning comin round'.


    Or intently watching million dollar cars and drivers going round n round n round and round in some high performance oval circuit of concrete somewhere.  With the proper company one learns to adapt!


    Farewell, Les Carpenter, Sachs Harbour , a good friend and radio 'boss'.


    Radio in 'hill billy' heaven has a new on-air angel."


    BR Scott Ross


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