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    New Trial Respite Care Home Welcomed In Whitehorse

    The Yukon Association for Community Living Logo (Photo Courtesy of YACL)

    The new facility is opening up in the Hillcrest area.

    Minister Pauline Frost says a home suited specifically for developmental and physical disabilities has opened in Whitehorse.

     Frost says services are adaptable to families' needs, and will operate on an on-demand basis for staff with help from Yukon Association for Community Living (YACL).

    YACL Executive Director Shonagh McCrindle says demand for these short-term care solutions are on the rise.

    "There were actually no respite services (before) available. We're trying to ease that by having a space that's safe in a welcoming, home-like environment. Respite workers can then be matched and deliver their services."

    McCrindle also says the new space feels natural for anyone using it.

    "It's a regular family home (with) three bedrooms, a kitchen, yard and  driveway.  We chose it because it was clean and safe and in a good neighborhood. At the YACL we believe in inclusion, and being integrated in a regular house setting with a normal neighborhood environment felt like the best choice for us." 

    Frost says the new home will provide a more hospitable environment for adults with  disabilities, simultaneously helping ease pressures on caregivers.

    The respite home will be operated by the YACL with funding by the Yukon Government. 

    The YACL conducts various youth event and mentor workshops in the territory and was founded in 1964.





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