New Report Highlights Top Tourism Spenders By Country in Territories

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    The StatsCan report highlighted how much each country spent on tourism in the Canadian territories during the third quarter of 2018, covering the months of July, August and September.

    According to a recently available StatsCan  report, excluding United States citizens,  Germans residents were the top tourism spenders in the territories in the third quarter of 2018.

    Germans residents spent a total of $12 million into the territories during the third quarter, at least $4 million more than the next four countries on the list.

    United Kingdom residents took second place, spending approximately $8 million in the territories during the third quarter last year.

    Residents of Australia, China, and Japan each spent approximately $7 million in the territorial economies in the third quarter respectively.

    Southwestern British Columbia saw the most spent on by international tourists in Canada, which saw over $800 million pumped into the local economy. 

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