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    New Recording Studio Opening at Youth of Today Society

    The Supper Club at the society is held around 5pm, Monday thru Friday. The program has been running an incredible 18 years.

    Lance Burton,a prominent mural painter in the community, is excited to be a contributor and helper in making the new recording studio at the Youth of Today Society a reality.

    Youth of Today Society


    Lance Burton has worked extensively with the Youth of Today Society for over 20 years. Now, he's a proud contributor to the shaping of a new recording studio at the new location that houses all the youth initiated efforts that YOTS umbrealls. 


    Jeremy Lindville will a prominent speaker for the new recording studio.Jeremy Linville, An emerging song artist in Whitehorse, will be one of the major voices of the new studio. The new recording station will play local tracks from Whitehorse and host on-air interviews with prominent youth

    voices in the community.


    The Youth of Today Society is a youth-focused group in Whitehorse aiming to help youth excel in arts education and youth business. Operating five days a week, the society consists of a music recording studio, animation centre, the Shakat Magazine, and a graphic design education program. 


    The equipment included in the studio includes an impressive built-in computer and programmer and a state-of-the-art mixing board.




    The new studio in Whitehorse will give a voice for millennials in the community. Whether you need a space to teach, you or your child want a place to participate in afternoon activities, or you just want to be more social at the Supper Club, almost anyone can get involved somehow with the society.














    Visit to see more information about the group or see how you can get involved.

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