Nearly 8200 Yukoners Identify as Indigenous

    2016 census also examines housing, langauge and income.

    The Yukon Bureau of Stats says just under 8200 Yukoners identified themselves as Aboriginal in the 2016 census.

    This represents 23.3 percent of the population. Nearly 6000 Yukoners are registered or treaty status Indigenous Peoples.

    On income earnings, the average for First Nations people 15 and over was approximately $33,600, well above the national average of $25,500.

    With housing, 47.0 percent reported living in dwellings that required regular maintenance, while a further 20.4 percent lived in dwellings that required major repairs.

    In 2016, 13.7 percent of Aboriginals in Yukon reported knowledge of at least one Aboriginal language.

    Of the 1,125 Aboriginals who reported having knowledge of an Aboriginal language in the Yukon: 74.7 percent had knowledge of an Athapaskan language including; Tutchone, Tahltan, Gwich'in and Dene. 16.9 percent had knowledge of Tlingit.

    Of the 8,200 Yukon Aboriginals, 1,125, or 13.7 percent, reported knowledge of an Aboriginal language. This was 4.1 percentage points higher than the proportion of Aboriginals who reported an Aboriginal mother tongue 790 or 9.6 percent.

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