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    Sisters In Spirit Walk & Vigil

    Feathers were released into the powerful Yukon river to carry thoughts of loved ones lost

    Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council hold the Walk and Vigil to honour the victims and families of Missing and Murdered Women and Girls cases across Canada.

    The Walk and Vigil was held beginning at the RCMP detachment on 4th Ave at Noon on Thursday. 

    A few speeches were given to the 100 plus people gathered, with pictures of lost loved ones and signs with the symbol of the Sisters in Spirit. 

    Their website states they are a nationally driven research, education, and policy initiative by the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council has recently begun the Yukon Sister’s in Spirit project to specifically look into cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal Women in Yukon.  A component of this research is to honour the lives and stories of these women, as well as to prevent violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Yukon communities.

    The first stop for the walk was the Healing Totem Pole on 2nd avenue where a prayer was read by Elder Annie Smith.  A local survivor shared her story of her sister, who she lost without the case being solved. 

    Members of the RCMP joined the walk in solidarity as well as politicians from municipal and territorial governments. 

    Feathers were passed out to participants to be released into the Yukon River.  As they floated on down to carry the thoughts, prayers and memories of loved ones lost, mourners and supporters walked along the path towards Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre.

    Lorraine Neatro led the procession, offering the Sacred Fire as a place to share and grieve and to support the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

    Lorraine Neatro who is on the Council said after to the walk "We have always had to fight an up hill battle with governments to provide resources for women who go through these horrendous issues;  and we're still fighting that fight today in 2018."


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