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    Many River's Counselling Strike

    Cold but compelled by a fair contract. Members of the Yukon Employees union stand outside in support of Many Rivers Counseling

    The Yukon Employee's Union are standing in solidarity with the employees of Many River's Counseling

    At 4 pm last Friday, many River's counseling and the Yukon Employee's Union who represent them, walked out on a strike.

    Paul Johnston is the VP of the Yukon Employee Union and says it is part of ensuring their members get a good deal for their crucial work.

    Leatha Anderson who is an administration assistant from the Watson Lake branch was walking the picket line.

    Despite the cold, she is in good spirits because of support she feels from Yukoners.

    Leatha explains she is hoping the strike will bring negotiators back to the table so that the employees  can get back to the work they love.

    Also in support of Many Rivers was an employee of Canada Post, who are on a nationwide series of rotating strikes represented by the Canadian Union of Postal Worker.


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