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    Lynda Dickson New Chief of Carcross Tagish First Nation

    Four of the five candidates that ran in the Haa Shaa du Hen election. (left to right - Marilyn Jensen, Maria Benoit, Lynda Dickson and Cynthia James). Photo courtesy of Carcross Tagish First Nation

    Lynda Dickson has been elected as the new Carcross/Tagish First Nation Haa Shaa du Hen (Chief) for a 10-month term.

    Lynda Dickson has been elected as the new Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN) Haa Shaa du Hen (Chief) for a 10-month term.

    Chief- elect Dickson won the election with a total of 123 votes cast towards her name,  beating out second place candidate Maria Benoit by just over 30 votes.

    The win means Chief-elect Dickson will  serve as Haa Shaa du Hen until May of 2020 when another election will occur to elect a new Haa Shaa du Hen. The next chief  will serve a regular term of four years.

    Chief-elect Dickson says it was an emotional time for all the candidates as the election wrapped up.

    "It was an emotional time for all of the candidates. We all want to make the CTFN a healthier and happier place moving forward. I hold my hands up to the other candidates. It's a tough job to try and put your name out there for your members. Moving forward, I just hope we can all work together as a team."

    In her biography, Chief-elect Dickson says she wants to get the First Nation's councils and boards running more efficiently and to have more meetings around them scheduled more frequently.  

    Having a healing centre built in Carcross,  ensuring CTFN Citizens have clean water and other resources and creating a long-term housing plan are other initiatives she says she wants to implement down the road.

    In a statement, the Carcross Tagish First Nation says Chief-elect Dickson will take office as soon as possible and will allow for a proper transition period as she is sworn in.

    A swearing-in ceremony is set to take place tomorrow at the Gazebo on the shores of Nares Lake in Carcross at 11am for anyone interested in attending. A community barbecue  behind the main administration building will follow at noon.

    Other candidates that ran for Haa Shaa du Hen included Marilyn Jensen, Cynthia James, and Michael Smarch.

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