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    Lumel Studios Receives $50,000 Investment from Federal Government

    (Left to Right) MP Larry Bagnell, Founder Luann-Johnson and Canada's Minister of Small Business Mary Ng

    The investment comes from Canada's Women Entrepreneurship Fund, an initiative by government to double the amount of female entrepreneurs by 2025.

    MP Larry Bagnell and and Canada's Minister of Small Business Mary Ng announced $50,000 in funding this morning towards Lumel Studios in Whitehorse.

    The funding will go towards a "small dragon", a transportable glass furnace that allows people to sculpt and create objects out of melted and cooling glass.

    The funding derives from Canada's Women Entrepreneurship Fund, and Founder of Lumel Studios Luann Baker-Johnson  accepted the award.

    Ng says the investment is part of a bigger commitment by government to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the country.

    "I have a mandate... to double the amount of female entrepreneurs by 2025. The government investment is a $2 billion one."

    Johnson says the new transportable unit will give all Yukon communities a chance to create or sculpt glass.

    "The baby dragons are mobile furnaces. The equipment  that we have at Lumel Studios goes into that small little space.  We can put it on the back of a trailer... and we'll go to every community in the Yukon." 

    Bagnell says there's two more funding announcements regarding the Women Entrepreneurship Fund in the near future.  

    Lumel Studios is a glass blowing facility offering a wide range of workshops for artists and Yukoners alike.






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