Kwanlin Dun First Nation Set to Lease Parcels of Settlement Land Within Traditional Territory

    An agreement has been reached with Yukon Land Titles Office and the Kwanlin Dun First Nation to lease parcels of settlement land within their traditional territory.

    The Kwanlin Dun First Nation has officially reached an agreement with the Yukon Land Titles Office, allowing them to lease land in their traditional territory for commercial and residential use throughout Whitehorse.

    The agreement is historic, as it is one of the first self-governing First Nation outside of the Indian act to reach a lease agreement with both the Yukon and Federal Governments.

    Kwanlin Dun First Nations Chief Doris Bill say's the leasing agreement has been a long time coming.

    "We are confident that we are able to protect our Aboriginal rights and title on our settlement lands. For us, this unlocks the economic potential of our final agreements."

    The Kwanlin Dun owns 264 different settlement land parcels in their traditional territory, amounting to over 1042 square kilometers of land.

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