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    Klondike Visitors Association Announces Recipients for 2018-2019 Grants

    Photo courtesy of Travel Yukon

    KVA Marketing and Events Manager Paul Robitaille says the money generated will positively impact numerous not-for-profit groups in Dawson.

    The Kondike Visitors Association (KVA) has announced their recipients for their 2018-2019 grants.

    11 non-profit groups in Dawson City will be receiving part of the $20,000 for this years grant  and KVA Marketing and Events Manager Paul Robitaille says the funding generated for the grant comes from the community.

    "The goal of the KVA grant is to support other not-for-profit (organizations) in Dawson City. In a lot of ways, KVA runs Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall, which a lot of people don't realize. The money that we generate from there goes to marketing Dawson City. A lot of the good that is done in town comes from other not-for-profits. not just KVA. This is just our effort to help support the efforts of other not-for-profits groups in the community and help make things happen that aren't just tourism related. 

    The Diamond Tooth Gerties facility helps generate the KVA grant for the Dawson City organizations, Robitaille notes. 

    Recipients of  2018-2018 KVA Grants include the Conservation Klondike Society, the Dawson City Mud Bog Association, The Dawson City Mud Bog Association and the Dawson City Curling Club.

    Robitaille says he hopes the grant will go on for years to come.

    "We do budget to do it (the grant) and this will be the third year in a row that we've had KVA grants. It was on hiatus until around 7 or 8 years ago. We had to take a break because we hadn't had the revenues available to us through Gerties. But we've had a couple of good tourism seasons so we expect that it'll happen for next year for sure."

    The Kondike Visitors Association is a not-for-profit tourism sector organization in Dawson City that helps local, regional and industry stakeholders.

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