Kate White Officially New Leader of Yukon NDP

    Kate White is the new leader of the Yukon New Democratic Party

    The Yukon NDP formally acclaimed Kate White in as their leader at a convention over the weekend.

    MLA Kate White was officially acclaimed in as Yukon NDP leader on Saturday at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre in front of dozens of people.

    Before the acclamation, multiple people were also voted in to fill open portfolios in the party, including membership secretary Lauren Porter and eight director positions.

    After the nominations, a tribute was given to outgoing leader Liz Hanson. 

    White, who is replacing former Yukon NDP Leader of ten years Liz Hanson, says she owes it to her regarding everything she learned around contemporary and historical issues in the territory like First Nation land claims.

    "I've never had the privilege of working with someone as intelligent or as someone with as much integrity as Liz Hanson. When Liz speaks to the issue of land claims and final agreements, there's no one who talks in the same way as she was there."

    Councillor Jan Stick says she was always inspired when Liz Hanson stood up to speak in the legislature.

    "I loved it when Liz stood up to talk because as my friends behind me have said, no one in that Legislature knew as much and could speak more clearly or eloquently to the issue at hand."

    During the acclamation and victory speech, White acknowledged her party would do much more to foster reconciliation with First Nations leading up to the next election.

    "The Yukon NDP will work with all Yukon First Nations in a meaningful way. We acknowledge the power and privilege of having 11 self-governing First Nations and three independent First Nations in the Yukon. We will respect the intent of the Final Agreements as they were intended to be read."

    White says there are multiple things that would be different if her party was to govern next.

    "To be honest, I think there are a lot of people like me at this point and time who are done with the system and the way it works. I want to do it differently... It will be the last election under first-past-the-post. There will be no more outside contributions to political parties (in the Yukon)."

    White says climate change and investments to renewable energy will be some of the other  priorities for the Yukon NDP heading into the next election. 

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