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    Kaska Language Project Underway

    A map of the different First Nations languages in Yukon and northern British Columbia (photo courtesy of Yukon Native Language Centre)

    The project commenced earlier this year.

    An education program called the Kaska Talking Dictionary project is  underway with the help of Dr. Volfova and Dr. Patrick Moore, anthropologists at the University of British Columbia.

    Workers in the project have been traveling to both Kaska Communities around Watson Lake,  northern British Columbia and the campus at University of British Columbia (UBC) to help with the project.

    A department was created at UBC for the project, creating full-time employment for three people and one part-time job.

    The program was jointly sponsored by the First Nations Endangered Language Program at the University of British Columbia and the Kaska First Nations.

    Dr. Volfova recently gave us some insight regarding the components of the project.

    "We've been working on various different projects in terms of of language documentation, creating material for learners and materials for the Kaska Language website. We also have a Kaska online dictionary that we're working on and we just recently starting digitizing some audio tapes that have been recorded over the years in the community for protecting and archiving the recordings (of the Kaska Language) from these tapes and having them available for people to hear"

    Kaska is a Northern Dene language, and is closely related to neighboring Dene languages in Ross River and Watson Lake in southeastern Yukon and in Lower Post and Good Hope Lake of northern British Columbia.

    Those interested can visit to start learning the language or by visiting the Liard First Nation Band Office in Watson Lake.  



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