Indigenous Languages Set to Become More Prominent in Parliament

    Approved recommendations from a committee report will make speaking Indigenous languages in Parliament easier.

    Larry Bagnell says he's excited about about the recent approval of recommendations from the House of Commons  to increase the usage of Indigenous languages more in Parliament.  

    Titled, "The Use of Indigenous Languages In proceedings of the House of Commons and Committees", the report was produced by the Procedure and House Affairs Committee, and approved recommendations include easier translation services and accessibility for those who want to speak their  Indigenous language  Parliamentary services and functions.

    The committee spent three months interviewing over 30 witnesses in Indigenous languages across all three territorial' legislative assemblies during the drafting of the report.

    Commenting on report, Larry Bagnell says "Today is a historic day for Canada and I congratulate all the committee members, Indigenous MP's, the clerks, and researchers involved in drafting the report."

    The Yukon alone is home to 8 different First Nations Languages and more dialects.

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