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    Frozen Elbow Joint Culprit For Flood at FH Collins School on Monday

    Photo courtesy of Whats Up Yukon

    Highways and Public Works says the pipe burst under some stairs located near the school atrium.

    Highways and Public Works Spokesperson Oshea Jephsen says a frozen elbow joint was the culprit of a bursting pipe that flooded parts of FH Collins Secondary School on Monday.

    The flooding forced the evacuation and closure of the school for the entire day, but Jephsen says the the problem has since been addressed.

    "It was caused by a frozen elbow joint that's part of the sprinkler system which burst. It was cause by some cold air underneath the stairs and that's where the elbow is located. What happened was that there was quite a bit of water  that leaked but facility crews were quick to clean it up. We're in the process of replacing a few pieces of drywall that were damaged and we'll also be adding a grate so that hot air keeps that area a bit warmer."

    No cost estimates have been given from the damages so far and three local school buses helped to transport kids away from the school during the flood.




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