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    First Nation Scientist Jocelyn Joe-Strack Embarking on Speaking Tour

    Photo courtesy of University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainibility

    Champagne and Aishihik Nations scientist Jocelyn Joe-Strack's tour will involve sharing Indigenous perspective on climate change with the public throughout Canadian embassies in Europe.

    Champagne and Aishihik First Nations scientist Jocelyn Joe-Strack is embarking on a four-week international speaking tour around Canadian embassies in Europe.

    Strack will be visiting France, Spain and Sweden among other Canadian embassies and her tour will involve sharing Indigenous perspectives on climate change with senior diplomats, Academics, youth and the public.

    Strack has multiple advanced degrees in microbiology and geography and she says much of her philosophy around preserving our ecosystems is leaving them be in our natural forms.

    Strack was initially invited to speak by representatives at the Canadian embassy in Germany after completing scholarly work around the protection of earths ecosystems.

    Strack says the focus of this tour will be to emphasize the importance of living within Earth's natural cycles in our ecosystem.

    Along with her educational speeches, struck is currently pursuing a PhD in Indigenous Land Use Planning with the Campagne Aishihik First Nations to investigate how planning can incorporate more of a spiritual presence. 

    To follow updates on her tour, your can visit her Twitter or Facebook pages.




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