Fines for Dangerous Driving Around School Buses Increase in Territory

    Photo Courtesy of Proactive Investors

    The new changes came into effect yesterday.

    Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn says fines for dangerous driving have increased in the territory.

    Drivers who fail to stop for a school bus that is letting on or off children has now increased from a $200 to a $500 fine.

    Drivers who pass  school buses illegally will now also face a new $500 fine amount and demerit points for both offenses will also increase from five to eight points.

    The amendments to the regulation came into effect yesterday, and Mostyn says the new fines follow the maximum increases allowed under the Motor Vehicles Act.

    Repeat offenders to the fine will also have their license suspended for one month.

    Highways and Public works is reminding Yukoners that passing a school bus is only permitted when the bus is in motion and either when the school bus driver indicates you can proceed or when the red lights on the bus stop flashing.

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