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    Federal and Yukon Governments Invest to Repair Haines Junction Water Infrastructure

    Photo courtesy of Yukon Energy

    Up to six million dollars is being invested by both the Federal and Territorial Government to repair water and wastewater infrastructure in Haines Junction.

    The Federal and Territorial Governments announced major infrastructure investments in Haines Junction yesterday.

    The Federal Government will be investing up to 4.5 million dollars while the Yukon Government will invest up to 1.5 million dollars to help repair major water and wastewater infrastructure for local residents in Haines Junction.

    Minister of Community Services John Streicker, a spokesperson at the event, says the investments were made after hearing about infrastructure concerns from community members.

    "Over the past year when I've sat down with the Village, they talked to me about having a lot of water breaks in their pipes in the ground over the last couple of years. I think it was 17 in the last year alone. It was costing them a lot of money so they asked if they asked if we could accelerate our infrastructure work  by working with the Federal Government. We were able to do that and we're really happy to get there."

    The investments will improve underground water and wastewater pipelines along multiple roads like Steele, Kluane and Macintosh street in Haines Junction and Streicker says the project will have major economic benefits for the community.

    "Yesterday, one of the things that happened was the contractor that won the bid, Wildstone, was there at the meeting and they met with local citizens of Haines Junction taking applications for work.  They we're also meeting with local contractors to do subcontracting work. I think it's a great opportunity for the community."

    Larry Bagnell was also at the announcement, saying the investment will create clean drinking water and impactful sewer treatment facilities for local residents.

    The funding is part of Phase Two of the Haines Junction Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project and construction will be commencing shortly. 

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