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    Federal and Territorial Governments Invest Over $41 Million to Retrofit Yukon Infrastructure

    Minister of Energy Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai, MP Larry Bagnell, and minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Pauline Frost spoke at the announcement today.

    The federal and territorial governments committed a combined total of over $41 million today to help support energy efficient retrofitting  projects in the Yukon.

    The federal and territorial governments committed a combined total of over $41 million today to help support energy efficient retrofitting  projects in the Yukon.

    First Nation governments, municipalities and businesses will all benefit from the funding, with the Whitehorse United Church being  the first recipient to benefit with a new insulated roof.

    Yukon MP Larry Bagnell says millions of dollars will go into First Nations retrofitting projects throughout the territory.

    "The First Nation Energy Efficiency Program will receive up to $5.2 million to support energy efficiency retrofits focused on First Nations housing. Additionally, up to $1.7 million will help First Nations conduct energy retrofits to their community buildings to reduce the cost and reliance on fossil fuels.This is going to save them up to $175 million a year in energy costs."

    The three-year project aims to retrofit up to 60 units during the first year of production, with up to 600 units set to receive retrofitting improvements during the entire project duration.  

    Minister of Energy Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai says the majority of Yukon's new homes are already benefiting from energy efficient initiatives in the territory.

    "In recent years, we have witnessed an incredible transformation in the energy efficiency of new homes being  built in Yukon. This is thanks to the Yukon Government's super insulated new home incentive. This incentive offers builders of up to $10,000 for new homes  being constructed that meet higher building code standards and that use significantly less energy. At this time, 65% of all new homes constructed in Whitehorse are being built to a super insulated standard."

    Minister of Environment Pauline Frost says there are  hundreds of  government-owned housing units that could also benefit from the retrofitting investments.

    "Much of our housing is older, and as we are modernizing our housing programs  to reflect housing needs of Yukoners today, we recognize that we need to modernize the buildings themselves. We have 800 units across the Yukon and a lot of those units haven't had a lot of love over the course of time. They also haven't been modernized or retrofitted to a national standard."

    Frost says replacing and upgrading windows and doors to buying more energy efficient heating appliances in homes are just some examples of retrofitting investments.

    Of the $41 million being invested, $31 million is coming from the federal government with the remainder coming from the Yukon government.  

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