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    Enter the CHON-FM Logo Contest for your chance to win $1,000.00!

    Email Us Your Idea for a New Logo for a Chance to Win a Cool Grand in Your Hand!!


    Are you a Yukon First Nations artist, painter, carver, or just someone who likes to draw? Then CHON-FM wants to hear from you. We want you to join our CHON-FM Logo Contest, and submit your ideas for a new CHON FM logo. The new logo will be a key component of  CHON-FM's rebranding project, which is part of the revitalization of CHON-FM. 

    To represent all Yukon First Nations, your logo must include a wolf and crow on a traditional drum.

    Send us your best logo design by email to The winning entry will receive $1,000, and your name will be featured in our news release.

    The deadline is April 25th. So visit the CHON FM website today for details, and start creating for the CHON FM Logo Contest and your chance to win.


    Contest Rules and Regulations


    CHON-FM / NNBY has a mandate to celebrate First Nations culture. We welcome submissions from Yukon First Nations people, and from anyone with an interest in Yukon First Nations culture.

    To be considered eligible, submissions must feature a wolf and crow on a traditional drum.

    Submissions may be emailed as a photo of the original artwork, or as a compressed digital image. You may be contacted to provide more photos or images, before a final decision is made.

    If the winning artwork will be provided as a digital file, the resolution must not be smaller than 12,000px x 12,000px (at least 20 x 20 inches -- 50cm x 50cm -- at 600 dpi) in the TIFF file format. The winning artwork may also be provided as an original painting, drawing, etc.

    The artist submitting must be willing to transfer all rights relating to copyright and ownership to CHON-FM / NNBY. The original artwork and all digital versions will become exclusive property of CHON-FM / NNBY.

    The artist submitting is expected to sign an agreement confirming transfer of copyright and ownership, stating that the artist submitting has submitted original artwork; possesses all rights to the artwork submitted; and takes all responsibility for such warranty.

    All submissions sent by email on or before April 25, 2019 which meets the above criteria will be considered. A jury will be selected after the deadline, and will review and select the winning entry. Decisions are final.


    News of the winning entry will be announced publicly, no later than June 21, 2019.


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    • Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon is looking for a News Reporter Intern for the summer.

      CHON-FM Indigenous Radio is looking for a News Reporter Intern to be working under the supervision of the General Manager. Following the Policies of Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon, this position is responsible for gathering, writing, and producing and presenting news with an emphasis on First Nations topics and perspectives. If you’re looking for an exciting career in news reporting with a cultural focus, in a beautiful location with a high quality of life, this is your opportunity to get your foot in the door!

    • Whitehorse City Councilors Prepare to Advance Wildfire Mitigation Strategy

      City councilors discussed advancing their Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy at a city council meeting Monday night. The discussion revolved around awarding a $69,000 contract to a Yukon-based company to help implement the strategy goals.

    • Conservation Officers to Hold Archaeological Awareness Event Tomorrow

      Yukon Conservation officers will be holding an evening lecture tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Yukon Beringia Centre regarding discovering and acting upon First Nation and other archaeological sites when they're found in the Yukon wilderness.