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    Dr. Floyd McCormick Retiring as Yukon Clerk After 2019 Legislative Spring Sitting

    A view inside of the Yukon Legislative Assembly (Photo courtesy of Yukon Legislative Assembly)

    Dr. McCormick has served as Clerk of the Yukon Legislative Assembly for over ten years.

    Dr. Floyd McCormick is retiring as Clerk  of the Yukon Legislative Assembly after the 2019 spring sitting.

    Dr. McCormick began his career in the Yukon Legislative Assembly 18 years ago, and he says family originally brought him up north before he started his legislative career in the territory,

    "My wife moved to Whitehorse to work with the Department of Education in 1989 and so I moved up here in 1995. In August 15th of 2001, I started working here as a deputy clerk." 

    Dr.  McCormick says his prior experience working in the legislature set him up well when the deputy clerk position became open. 

    "I always had an interest in politics, obviously, with all those political science degrees.  I more had an interest with the institutions rather than the partisan aspect of politics.  One of the things I was doing before I started working here was covering the legislative assembly. I used to cover it for the Yukon News and also did work for the CBC."

    Dr. McCormick later went on to become Clerk of the Legislative Assembly in March of 2007.

    Dr. McCormick says one unique feature of the clerk's position is being the primary adviser to the speaker of the house regarding parliamentary rules and procedures.

    Duties he says are done different as clerk now include tackling short- term projects in the assembly and having more functions in the legislature be put up on the government's website and social media channels.

    McCormick says he might write a book following his legislative career.

    "I've been telling people that when I retire I'm going to write a book. There are a lot of things you learn along the way that you think, 'I wish I had known that when I'd started.' I guess that's where experience comes in."

    A recruitment process for the clerk position is now underway for anyone interested.

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