Dawson Airport Closure to Occur in Late May Due to Paving

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    The Yukon Government has announced they will be closing the Dawson City Airport runway from May 19th at 8pm to midnight on May 26th.

    The Yukon Government has announced they'll be closing the Dawson City Airport runway from May 19th at 8pm to midnight on May 26th.

    Highways and Public Works Minister Richard Mostyn says while the dates are tentative and weather dependent, and while no airplanes will be arriving or departing during that time frame, helicopters will be allowed to operate as normal.   

    Mostyn said in question period yesterday that costs associated with the project, which is $12 million this year, are still well within budget. 

    NDP Party Liz Hansen say the paving might not have many economic benefits if other runways such as Old Crow aren't paved as well to also support larger aircraft on Air North routes.

    Hansen also said in question period the topography of the Dawson City Airport means it will be difficult for larger aircraft to land at the airport.

    "There are implications to paving the runway that will not change the material facts, nor will it increase the accessibility.  The topography of Dawson City Airport hasn't changed. Transport Canada has made it clear that in over 30 some years... you've got issues with topography here with the current location." 

    Skookum Asphalt was awarded almost 10 million dollars for help in the project, and Yukon Government says alternate medivac supports will also be in place during the airport closure.

    The Dawson City Airport is the second busiest in the territory and was constructed in the early 1930's.

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