Conrad Historic Site

    Plans and maps being overlooked as the steering committee looks to revamp Conrad historic site.

    the Conrad historic site is destined for a makeover to draw visitors and enhance understanding of the former 'city'

    Chapter 13 of the CTFN agreement creates a schedule for creating a management plan.

    The steering committee has been working for over 2 years to get to the current information collection phase, namely from Yukoners.

    Colleen James, is a committee member and a presenter for the public engagement sessions held yesterday.

    They have provided a survey to draw out local stories, geological highlights and unique memories provided by the once rapidly growing city.

    The survey poses questions such as; What makes Conrad different from other historic sites?  What Stories should the historic site tell? How should the Corad historic site be developed?

    Throughout the planning, details have been uncovered about the settlement, including facts of it's prehistoric past as a First Nation's camp.

    When the township folded in the early 20th century, many of the structures were moved to their current location in Carcross and can still be seen on walking tours.





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